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White Knuckles, Heavy Riffs
Black Pistol Fire

Delmar Hall • July 31 • show 8 pm

Kevin McKeown of Black Pistol Fire at ACL 2019.  Photo: Cory Weaver

Black Pistol Fire, the Austin-via-Toronto duo, has been at it for a decade now, rocking, impressing and eliciting “I can’t believe I missed them” reactions on the festival circuit for the better part of a decade. Case in point:


“Black Pistol Fire… were, by far, the best band that played LouFest… This was the craziest I’ve seen any of the crowds at the festival…” –KDHX reaction from BPF’s set at Loufest in 2014.


When covering the second weekend of 2019’s Austin City Limits Festival, this gritty, clad-in-white duo, drenched in reverb, destroyed the second stage that would later see the likes of Thom Yorke and Lizzo. Forty-five minutes felt like 15, as their rough, blow-an-amp, destroy-a-tom-and-snare set checked all the boxes for a “next big thing” article.


The dirty, grungy, gritty blues that the band is known for and has led them to share the stage with Gary Clark Jr., Wolfmother, The Struts and Weezer, has also led them to infuse a bit of soul into their sound. With the release of 2021’s Look Alive, the power-blues duo have evolved with an atmospheric offering, just one-upping their reputation and their integrity as musicians, because who doesn’t like a bluesy, soulful rock ballad?

-Cory Weaver


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Live Reviews
Angel Olsen, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Steel

A false fire alarm, a mint-green tour bus and a failed—yet comedic—attempt at a Collective Soul cover.


This was Angel Olsen at Brooklyn Steel. The former 20,000-square-foot steel fabrication shop turned venue is less than three years old and has already become a mainstay for live shows in New York City, catapulting itself onto the list of top NYC venues likes of Webster Hall, The Music Hall of Williamsburg and Terminal 5.

It’s a big deal to sell out the 1,800-capacity venue. It’s an even a bigger deal when you do it three nights in a row, which is what Angel Olsen did November 21, 22 and 23.

Gary Clark Jr, Fox Theater, My Land
A Sublime Gary Clark Jr. at the Fox
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Truth Mystics: Bad Suns at Ready Room
Liily: Young, Alternative, Ready to Rock
Through The Lens

There was no doubt that the fans gathered at Delmar Hall on February 12th knew who they were about to see. I say that because the stage’s backdrop featured a perfectly hung banner with big capital block letters that spelled out the band name, JOSEPH.


Made up of three sisters, Joseph is an American folk band from Oregon with voices that harmonize as smooth as butter. The all-woman singing group is accompanied by an all-male band—a drummer, a keyboardist and a bassist—which is an interesting dynamic. I expected the sisters to stick with their “girl empowerment” mantra and opt for a girl band, but there is no real reason to complain because the backing band brought the sisters’ music to life and truly supported their voices.

Middle Class Fashion



Off Broadway • AUg 6 • show 8 pm

Off Broadway • AUg 26 • show 8 pm

The Pageant • AUg 14 • show 8 pm


K Flay - Pageant
K Flay - Pageant