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What would it be like if Janis Joplin fronted Led Zeppelin? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when hearing Dead Sara power through singles like “Weatherman” and “Something Good”.

The band’s name is inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song “Sara”, and the comparisons don’t stop there. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Emily Armstrong is influenced by Stevie Nicks, and the rebellious nature that Nicks has embodied her entire career also shines through on Armstrong’s work in Dead Sara, which has been lauded by fellow female musicians such as Grace Slick and Courtney Love.

Dead Sara

Sept. 11 • The Ready Room

Dead Sara was formed in Los Angeles, when Armstrong and lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley met through a mutual friend as teenagers. They began writing songs together, quickly found a chemistry, and after a brief stint under the name Epiphany they eventually became Dead Sara. Their genre-spanning sound reflects the diverse music scene of California. The trio, which also features drummer Sean Friday, fuses bluesy roots with hard rock attitude for an unmistakable energy.

The band looks to bring that energy to The Ready Room in September, showcasing songs from its recently-released Temporary Things Taking Up Space. The six-song EP is Dead Sara’s first major label release, honed over a three-year period since 2015's Pleasure To Meet You. It showcases the band’s range, going from an upbeat tempo on “Times to Remember” to pure aggression on “Unamerican”.

Dead Sara has taken a long path to get to this point, one where they’re playing the music that showcases their creativity and ambition yet is able to reach a larger audience. Live crowds are treated to these songs, both recent and older, as they’re blown away by Armstrong’s roaring voice, Medley's skillful guitar work, and Friday’s ace drumming. It’s an experience unlike any other, sure to make its mark on St. Louis this fall. --BA

Doors 7PM  • Welles 8 PM • Pirate Signal 9 PM • Dead Sara 10 PM

Tickets $12-$15

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