Flint Eastwood at Delmar Hall: Monday, Feb. 26

In the movie “Heartbreak Ridge,” Clint Eastwood says, “Improvise, adapt and overcome!” Well, Detroit’s Flint Eastwood (a.k.a. Jax Anderson) has done all that and she’s only recently released her third EP.


Her new album, “Broke Royalty”, is putting the music world on notice that she’s made it. In describing the album, she said, “Broke Royalty is a record for those who think they can't make it. It's for the underdogs and the islands.” She added, “This is a record to let you know that you got this shit.”


Anderson hit it big in the music-industry respect arena with her previous album, “Small Victories,” which was co-written with her brother Seth Anderson (aka Syblyng). She’s been knocking on the door of stardom, having played four successful Lollapalooza shows and a huge set at Bonnaroo. She was the youngest artist invited to join the “Superjam,” performing “Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown with Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Jon Batiste. She also sang backing vocals for Chance The Rapper’s version of “Hey Ya”!


From start to finish, the album is a testament to Anderson’s steadfast endurance. Writing the songs after the passing of her mother set the tone for the album. Finding a calm and light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel mindset led to an album that expounds empowerment and confidence embedded in an "electropop" dance party sentiment.


A few of the album’s highlights include “Queen,” “Push,” “Glitches” and “Monster”—and these are only the obvious standouts that will have you asking, “She’s the opener?”


Delmar Hall is the place and the headliner is Massachusetts’ PVRIS (pronounced Paris) this Monday night. You don’t have to “Feel luck, punk.” Luck aside, $25 for an incredible show on a Monday is all you’ll need.


PVRIS – 9:30PM
Flint Eastwood – 8:15PM
Cherry Pools – 7:30PM
Doors – 6:30PM

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