Joywave’s ‘Thanks. Thanks for Coming’ Tour Rolls into STL on Friday

Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Matthews

By Cory Weaver

In landlocked Missouri, riding a wave is a near-impossible feat. Never fear: indie rockers Joywave are on their way to help us forget about our state’s geographical plight—and perform in support of their sophomore album, Content.

The quintet, composed of Daniel Armbruster (vocals), Joseph Morinelli (guitar), Sean Donnelly (bass; not on this tour), Benjamin Bailey (keyboards) and Paul Brenner (drums), are natives of Rochester, N.Y. The band made major waves in 2013 when “Dangerous” by Big Data featuring Joywave hit Number 1 on the alternative rock charts.


Content is the follow-up to 2015's How Do You Feel Now, which gave us the memorable singles “Destruction,” “Tongues” (featuring KOPPS) and “Somebody New.”

The new album is more subdued yet succeeds in bringing Joywave’s unforgettable brand of synth rock, pop and grooves, featuring singles such as the catchy “It’s a Trip!” and the title track, which opens the album by highlighting Armbruster’s distinctive vocals, deep lyrics (“I'm searching for the difference between; What content and content can bring; Maybe they're no different 'cause they look the same”) and a bit of late ‘90s Daft Punk.

There’s really no let-up on this album, which leaves listeners feeling content (the album’s pronunciation). It’s a beautiful journey along the band’s soundscape of lyrics that wind their way through drum distortion and moody keyboards.

You. Joywave. Black Friday. Firebird. There’s really no excuse to miss a band like this in such a small venue; catch them while you can, as grabbing mainstream notoriety by the reins is inevitable.

The Firebird • $15 • Doors 7 PM • Show 8 PM

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