Revel In Vile at the Pageant

Scores of musicians, poets, writers, etc., sing and write about drinking what’s in the bottle, but Kurt Vile’s seventh album has him bottling it in.


While gaining national attention with 2011’s Smoke Ring for My Halo, Vile’s big splash was in 2015 with “Pretty Pimpin’” from B’lieve I’m Goin Down; that track is hovering around 45 million streams. 


Bottle It In is Vile’s newest offering and is expected to be as good—if not better—than his previous album. The lead track, “Loading Zones” has already become a staple on alternative music stations and pays homage to his hometown of Philadelphia while also explaining that he “parks for free!”—moving his car from loading zone to loading zone. It’s got an early Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers vibe all the while maintaining an authenticity that is distinctly Kurt Vile.  


The rest of Bottle It In weaves its way through tunes that are reminiscent of Lou Reed (“Hysteria,” “Bassackwards”), more Petty (“Check Baby”) and a bit of Bob Dylan (“One Trick Ponies”). Track after track, Vile shows off his tremendous guitar handling and quizzical lyrics.


Vile will be bringing all of that to The Pageant on February 24th, no doubt peeking out through the parted, curly long hair that is more of a Faith No More headbanger look than indie rock sensation. Come hear a true master of his craft and why explorative, full-spread features in the New York Times and Rolling Stone hit the stands just weeks apart last fall.


-Cory Weaver

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