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Sister Duo Larkin Poe Electrifies Old Rock House


photo: Jessi McKee

Monumental talent was on hand at a sold-out Old Rock House in the form of Atlanta-based Larkin Poe on December 9th. Fans were eager to see the sister duo after the bathos of losing out on LouFest this year.


Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell, alongside their backing band—drummer Kevin McGowan and bassist Tarka Layman—energized the crowd with their powerhouse vocals and squealing electric guitars. The new album Venom and Faith has captured widespread attention with songs like “Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues.” 


Speaking of her inner demons, Rebecca Lovell joked that she feels like she’s giving an unintentional mini sermon, telling the audience that she really believes we don’t have to be defined by our past mistakes—we can wake up in the dawn of a new day and move on into the future. She thanked her sister Megan as the song that exemplified her sentiment began, the mellifluous and crowd-pleasing “Freedom,” a guitar-heavy track replete with slide and thunderous electric guitars.


The steady, rhythmic serenades of Goodnight, Texas was the perfect prep for Larkin Poe. Those in attendance for the opener were treated to the band’s deep rich vocals and country roots sound. Playing songs new and old, the set included, “Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine” from the 2014 album Uncle John Farquhar and “Takin’ Your Word For It” from 2018’s Conductor. -Jessi McKee

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