Rebecca and Megan Lovell of Larkin Poe happen to be descendants of one of the most famous writers and poets in American history, Edgar Allan Poe. While the sisters don’t share their ancestor’s famed darkness, they do share his artistic gifts.

The native Atlantans embody crisp musicianship and badass Southern rock sound. They’ve won over fellow musicians and music lovers alike with their grittier (but no less catchy) version of HAIM’s sister act. Larkin Poe has opened for a variety of renowned performers like Bob Seger and Queen, while also being showcased on a national television stage on shows such as Conan.

The crowd at LouFest will be treated to the bluesy electric and slide guitar riffs that have gained Larkin Poe the reputation as “The Little Sisters of the Allman Brothers” among other heaps of praise. The sisters are currently preparing to release their new album, Venom & Faith, in November, and they are sure to bring the energy as they promote their latest work of art.  --BA

Larkin Poe | Preachin' Blues

Photo: Matt Berinato

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