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By Cory Weaver

Confetti, check. Balloon drop, check. Inflatable sex dolls, definitely.


Brooklyn party-rock, electro-pop duo Matt and Kim threw everything at an energetic Pageant crowd Tuesday night. It was the duo’s sixth show of their 2018 tour as well as their sixth show since Kim injured her left leg on stage at Festival Vaivén in Tehuixtla, Mexico.


The cozy, romper-room, bouncy-house environment that only a Matt and Kim show could bring more than made up for the unseasonably chilly and dreary St. Louis weather. In a blink, Matt jumped out of the darkness with handheld confetti sticks, flinging bits of colorful tissue paper into a willing gaggle of merry adorers while Kim pop ’n’ locked it like her life depended on it.


They opened the set with “Make a Mess”—a perfect forerunner to the way the night was gonna go. Following the opener was one of their newest tunes, “Forever,” segueing into a cover of Van Halen’s, “Jump!”


When not performing originals, they also snuck in Rhianna’s “Umbrella,” Beyoncé and Jay-Z samples, and a “Smoke Weed” / “Bohemian Rhapsody” mix, accompanied by an impromptu busted white boy dance by Matt. While not as fluid as Kim’s dancing, the effort was appreciated by the fans.


The highlights of the show for me were the acoustic intro to “Daylight,” the constant reference to/banter with two fans dressed as a taco and a pizza, and a giant dildo drum solo. Seriously, Kim grabbed two giant dildos (see photos) and banged her way through “Get It,” which was entirely appropriate.


Matt and Kim are known for their relentless high-energy shows, and they left nothing on the table. A great set and a “fuck it” mentality made for a great evening and reminder that it’s OK to let go and not act your age—at least for 90 minutes.

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