By Cory Weaver

Photo: Brad Elterman

The Pythia of the music world sitting high atop the Temple of Apollo at Delphi—you know, the ones examining countless albums while the rest of us eagerly await the verdict of what we should and shouldn’t like—said that MGMT’s last two albums “Congratulations” and “MGMT” served as “career suicide” (many of them said the same thing about Arcade Fire’s latest endeavor as well). But the so-called Pythia has done an about-face and has praised the duo’s latest album, “Little Dark Age.”


A new album means a new tour, and the only Missouri stop for the NYC via Middletown, Conn., duo, which includes Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, will be this Monday, March 5th, at The Peabody Opera House.


“Little Dark Age” sounds a lot like their 2007 release, “Oracular Spectacular” but it’s grown-up.

It has an age-appropriate, indie-rock laced with pop sound—something for the Gen Xers and

older Millennials to proudly listen to while we wait for a new Tame Impala album to hit.

Take “Me and Michael,” for instance. This track would fit perfectly as part of a John Hughes’

film’s dénouement and live on forever.


The album doesn’t have that summertime anthem like “Electric Feel,” “Kids” or “Time to Pretend,”

and radio isn’t going to blast the title track “Little Dark Age” or “One Thing Left To Try” twice every

hour—but maybe they should. They are excellent tunes and “One Thing Left To Try” might be the

best track to dance to—it’s quintessential MGMT, as it sounds like a B-side from the 2007 debut.

There’s a lot to delve into with the new album, which has come a long way from the duo’s rocketed

rise to stardom and subsequent fall from critics’ praise. “TSLAMP” (“Time Spent Looking At My Phone”)

is a noteworthy ode to how cellphones have detrimentally affected the way the human race interacts with each other and the time spent waiting and watching for a message from that certain someone. VanWyngarden explained: “I’ve gotten so attached to my phone that it makes me really disappointed in myself.”


Come pay tribute to a duo that has done things their way for more than a decade. Indie rock, indie pop or synth pop have evolved since MGMT’s first album, and here we are, still talking about MGMT, so they’ve done something right.


Tickets: $42, $36.50, & $26.50

Doors: 7 PM

Cola Boyy: 8 PM

MGMT: 9:15

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