It’s been a short rise to fame for Mt. Joy, who’ve taken their success and widespread (from NPR press to Billboard) popularity in stride. 

The band’s founding members were high school friends who later caught up with one another as young professionals and then decided to meld their interest in doing music as a career. 


Promotion of their self-titled album, released earlier this year, has included stops along the late-night show circuit and plenty of airplay love from community and indie stations. Every time one hears the catchy lines of the song “Silver Lining,” you feel like a group of people should be singing along to the lyrics: “but if it’s the drugs, the women, the wine, the weed, the love that took everything I own, just take it oh, oh, oh.”

They might classify as folk rockers but they can write their way into Americana ear-worm pop. The band will continue to tour across the U.S. through October and then spend November overseas for concerts in the U.K., France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  --TA

Mt. Joy - Silver Lining

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