Nahko • The Pageant • Oct. 31

By Cory Weaver

It was unexpected. I’ll admit that I’d never heard of Nahko. It’s kind of nice to not be familiar with a musician/artist—and then you witness the live performance and it’s a pleasant surprise. 

Nahko is this kind, native-American, Puerto Rican, Filipino, face-tattooed, mother-earth loving soul who brought his Burning Man and hippie music festival vibe to the Pageant on Halloween night.


He is a multi-instrumentalist whose lyrics are based off of personal experiences through his life’s journey that took him from Oregon to Alaska to Hawaii.

It’s a pretty remarkable story—so remarkable that he announced he was releasing a book of his song lyrics equipped with the backstory behind each song. 

Nahko can kick it live, new-age style. He put his fans into a nice, melodic trance with ballads like “Dragonfly,” “Goodnight, Sun,” “Susanna,” “Sing Him of My Revelations.”


Then he fearlessly rocked out with a bass and synth-heavy “Early February,” reinfusing the crowd, which was ready for another metaphysical, body-swaying experience to close out the show.

All Photos © Cory Weaver/CMW PhotographyBands Through Town