Her voice will stick with you.

Is it country? Folk? Otherworldly? A bit of all of them? Everything makes sense once you learn Savannah Conley grew up outside Nashville, the daughter of a singer mom and guitarist dad. Whether nature or nurture, the road to her future was distinctly paved to bring her to where she is right now.

With the release of Twenty-Twenty, which came out earlier this year, she is beginning to receive deserved props for her songwriting as well as with her memorable voice. In “All I Wanted,” she connects those of us who spend a disproportionate amount of time on woes rather than blessings. 


With the lines “But it's easy to go and forget all the good/ When all you feel like you are is messed up and misunderstood/ It feels bad,” she seems to sum up every time we allow a few of life’s hiccups to shroud the brighter moments along the way.

After Conley hits St. Louis, her journeys take her to southern stops with other Nashville export Anderson East and up north again with Caamp, a bang-and-guitar pair.  --TA

Photo: Austin J. Holmes

Savannah Conley - All I Wanted

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