The Front Bottoms The Pageant • Oct. 29

By Cory Weaver

Imagine it’s a few weeks before your high school graduation. You’re looking forward to leaving your hometown and heading off to a college that's just far enough away from your parents.


You're eager to not see certain classmates for years. But then circumstances change and you're forced to stay home and go to community college. You still live with your parents, who don't seem thrilled to have you around either. And those former high school classmates?


Current college classmates.

This kind of palpable disappointment and angst has been set in song by a folky, punk rock band that seems to be what O.A.R was trying to be: The Front Bottoms. This isn’t a bad thing.

The Pageant was rocking with an all-ages crowd ranging in age from about 15 to 30, singing, shouting, relating to every song front man Brian Sella screamed. Tunes like “Laugh Till I Cry,” “The Plan (Fuck Jobs),” “Everyone but You, “You Used to Say (Holy Fuck)” and “Don’t Fill Up on Chips” rounded out the 18-song set. 


The songs are a flashback to that college era, where no matter how hard you tried to please friends, classmates in that group assignment or yourself -- it was just a clusterfuck.


The Front Bottoms help you get the angst out of your system with their high-energy brand of rock.

All Photos © Cory Weaver/CMW PhotographyBands Through Town