The Life and Times • The Monocle

By Cory Weaver

Is that small part of your musical soul—the part you thought was dead and buried—craving a hint of emo rock with massive bass lines and kick drums that will make you think you have a heart murmur? Well, then this is your show.


The Life and Times, which includes Allen Epley, Eric Albert and Chris Metcalf, have been touring relentlessly in support of their self-titled album since its release in late April. And because life in a van when you’re in your mid-40s is awesome, they’ve added seven more shows—including St. Louis—to their 2017 tour, and will then take a break until May 2018.


You’re welcome, St. Louis.


The band formed after Epley, previously of acclaimed Kansas City-based rock band Shiner, moved to Chicago and connected with Chris Metcalf and Eric Albert.


Metcalf is a beast on the drums; Albert is a relentless force on bass; and Epley reestablishes his echoing, floating drone vocals that made Shiner mysterious when they weren’t blasting you to the depths of oblivion.


I had the opportunity to see The Life and Times this past July in Portland, Ore., at the Doug Fir lounge, and I can boldly tell you to NOT MISS THIS SHOW.


Tickets $10 (advance), $12 (door) • Show 8 PM • 4510 Manchester Avenue

The Life & Times at Doug Fir in July

                            Photo Cory Weaver

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