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The New Respects don’t do things in a traditional way, and listeners are all the better for it. Comprised entirely of family members from Nashville, the quartet mash up pop, rock, and soul into a catchy sound all its own.

In March 2017, Rolling Stone named the band as one of its “10 New Artists You Need to Know,” and it’s easy to see why. Twins Zandy and Lexi Fitzgerald (guitar and bass, respectively), their brother Darius (drums), and cousin Jasmine (singer) are bringing fun and diversity to a genre that desperately needs it.

By not limiting themselves to the confines of rock music, The New Respects are winning new fans everywhere they go. Many of these fans are becoming familiar with the band’s debut full-length album, Before The Sun Goes Down, which came out in August.


The album’s catchy hooks and heavy grooves will be heard at LouFest on Saturday, September 8th, and in its listeners’ heads for years to come. --BA

The New Respects - Before The Sun Goes Down

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