White Reaper - Judy French

The polished garage rock sound of White Reaper provides a stark contrast to many of the bands you’ll see at LouFest, but their music is no less fun or riffy.


The talented ensemble from Louisville, Ky., comes to St. Louis on September 8th, right before the band completes a handful of tour dates with legendary rocker Billy Idol and then heads out with rising headlining act The Struts on a U.S. tour.

White Reaper has a confidence unlike most bands. That’s reflected in the 2017 album, The World's Best American Band. While that title may or may not be meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it certainly gives this American band the drive to make their writing and performing as adept as possible.

As with most things in life, if you’re not challenging yourself you’re not getting better. That work ethic has pushed White Reaper to larger performances worthy of the band’s sound. Whether audiences agree that White Reaper is America’s best, they can recognize the band’s worthiness in American rock music.  --BA

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