In November 2017, Bands Through Town was established in an effort to promote and more broadly cover the St. Louis music scene, both local and national acts. Through this mission, we feature, preview and review select bands and concerts that together help maintain the STL musical landscape. For our inaugural print issue, we’ve shared a select
number of performances via words and/or photos from seven different local venues.

Jennifer Rolf

Editor & Writer


Jen has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience. Although she never achieved her pipe dream of a career as a music journalist, she has interviewed, previewed and reviewed local and national bands for a variety of publications. She also has experience in music publicity and promotion.

Brian Amick



Brian is a features writer based in Kansas City, Mo. His writing experience spans the topics of music, food, regional arts, and much more. 

Cory Weaver

Photographer & Writer


As a professional photographer for more than 17 years, Cory has the stage covered. From opera, theater and symphonic performances to rock shows, classical and even dance—he's photographed it all over the world. He's covered and featured bands for the Pitch Weekly in Kansas City and has written numerous band publicity bios while also working in band promotions.

Mark Rolf



Mark's background includes more than 20 years of music-related experience, from playing in, booking and managing bands to music promotions to stage management. He's even served as a radio personality/ DJ/ board operator for multiple STL stations. He currently plays the keys in Village Idiot. 

Traci Angel.JPG
Traci angel



Traci is a profile and feature writer who likes to dive deep into investigative stories. She has covered health, science and environmental topics for regional and national publications.


She also write profiles and articles using explanatory and narrative storytelling. Her favorite topics to discuss are journalism, mass media and literature.