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Ricky Montgomery: Another Rick in the Wall Tour

Story by Madisyn Siebert

Photos by Cory Weaver

Ricky Montgomery, Pageant, St. Louis, photo Cory Weaver

Among the hundreds of musicians I have seen at the Pageant, I have never seen someone so honored to take the stage as Ricky Montgomery. Having been raised for a majority of his life in St. Louis, Montgomery knows what it is like first-hand to stand, dance and everything in between in the mosh pit there. Now, he got to turn it all around and instead of being the one standing in the pit, he was the one performing on stage to fans, friends and family at his hometown show. 


Montgomery rose in popularity through TikTok with his songs “Mr. Loverman,” “Line Without a Hook” and “This December.” Ricky has been creating music since 2014, and his first album, Montgomery Ricky was fully written, recorded and produced in St. Louis. With that being said, Montgomery spotlighted his first producer in the crowd and his original band. 


With this being the hometown show we got more St. Louis exclusives. During “Ethan’s Song,” Montgomery brought out his friend Ethan who co-wrote the song with him to play it live together for the very first time. He also got the St. Louis crowd to help perform a TikTok to promote his new song “Unknown Phantom” coming out March 15th. 


The Pageant itself was practically sold out and was beaming with St. Louis pride. Everyone was dancing, jumping and swaying to the songs—no one was ever really standing still. Montgomery just brings out this presence in people to truly dance like “nobody's watching” and speaks to the crowd like they are just another friend he grew up with, which I think is what fosters the connectedness his fans feel with him. 


The show itself met the three E’s: energy, excitement and engaging. Montgomery is proving on this “Another Rick in the Wall” tour that he is more than just a TikTok singer, he’s a rising star that people need to keep an eye on. He is proof that St. Louis has an underrated music scene that fosters art and creativity. Exactly one of the reasons why Bands Through Town was created in the first place. 

Ricky Montgomery, Pageant, St. Louis, photo Cory Weaver
Ricky Montgomery, Pageant, St. Louis, photo Cory Weaver
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