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Hamilton Leithauser 

Delmar Hall • Oct. 23

By Cory Weaver

Former Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser brought his “all-Texan Band” through St. Louis on a chilly, fall evening to treat a rather robust, “school night” crowd.


Touring in support of his newest album, I Had a Dream That You Were Mine, Leithauser played with a passionate fervor and his echoing howl made me reminisce about his Walkmen days and songs like “The Rat,” “I Lost You,” “In the New Year,” “Heaven” and “Louisiana.”

I Had a Dream That You Were Mine continues Leithauser's growth as a storytelling songwriter and is a collaboration with former Vampire Weekend musician Rostam Batmanglij. The album features a special appearance by Angel Olsen on the leading track, “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger).”

The 16-song set was well-balanced with friendly, funny banter by Leithauser.


An energetic and responsive crowd got exactly what they expected from a former NYC post-punk rocker who's now more of a subdued, genuine father of two. A few highlights from the show that best represent Leithauser’s evolution as a singer-songwriter included, “The Bride’s Dad,” “Sick As a Dog,” “1959” and “You Ain’t that Young Kid.”

All Photos © Cory Weaver/CMW PhotographyBands Through Town

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