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LucaBrasi: Prefader Postfader

By Mark Rolf

All of the members are either in other bands, have day/night jobs, or live in other cities. This “super group,” featuring members of The Urge, El Monstero, Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys Band, and former members of Helmet, Adair/Disturbing the Peace, Life Without Wayne and Ulcer Inc., somehow were not in the same room—or even the same city—while recording this album.

Prefader Postfader brings many progressive rock influences—think Rush meets the Police—on the majority of the album. Matt McInerney’s raspy/melodic vocals and Bill Reiter’s keyboards/synthesizer prominently start things off with the opening song, “Bracing,” which evokes a 1980s rock feel. On “Mayday!Mayday!” the Jost brothers (Jerry and Matt), show off their chops with a hefty dose of drums and guitar, along with Josiah Werner’s bong-rattling hypnotic bass.

LucaBrasi switches gears a bit with “Ground Floors Descend,” as they channel their inner Steely Dan for a chill-out-by-the-fire-pit song. On “Cut/Divide,” they bring more of a pop-rock feel-good track that makes me want to listen to it while I roll around the city on a Bird Scooter with my shirt off.

This album is much different than their previous two releases, but worth the listen. LucaBrasi fans all over hope that their next album comes out sooner than 2032/2033.

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